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MEDUSA Ultra Resolution Home Theater Amplifer

MEDUSA power amplifer,  Multi-channel type, is designed for a home theater system mainly.  MEDUSA has Seven Channel and Maximum power output 250 Watt per channel at 6 Ohm Load, and designed Seven Channel are independently. MEDUSA's Power amplifier has concentrated design pure and brilliant sound concept, which support all style of music with High performance. All Conponents are High grade in used. In MEDUSA's Power Supply has used Three Toroidal Transformer which design Secondary coil of Each power output independently to reduce "Inter-Channel Crosstalk Capacitor Filler" and Bicap by used Hi grade of Capacitor of Poly Propylene Film which reduce "  Series Resistance (ESR) ". MEDUSA has protect system such as case "Load Shorted", "DC voltage output is over-rage." and "detection high-temperature"

 Technical Specification Top
 Number of Output Channels 7 Channel
 Power output 250 WATT(RMS) per channel @ 6 Ohm, THD : 0.002%
   200 WATT(RMS) per channel @ 8 Ohm, THD : 0.001%
 Total harmonic distortion THD+Noise less then 0.05% @ 20-20,000 Hz
   less then 0.01% @ 1kHz
 Frequency response 20-20,000 Hz (+0,-0.3dB)
 Input Impedance 25 kOhm
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