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Magnet Profile

Over 20 years in sound audio industry, Mr. Pongtong Malakul na ayudaya, who founded Magnet in 1985  was engineer, inventor and artist with a capital of one hundred thousand Baht. Magnet has created a legendary audio equipment that resemble the artistic masterpiece. The "MA-200" power amplifier, was widely accepted in the field of sound in Thailand so that has been voted the audio equipment of the year from magazine in the country to another. Magnet was the winner of  the best customer service

Magnet's Award History

  1985 The first step toward audio business  

Magnet Technology was established by 3 engineers from a welknown university with 100,000 baht (around 3,000 usd) capital and started with selling amplifier kits to student who went to college. Magnet marketed it by designing amplifier circuit project pressed in Semiconductor, a famous audio magazine by those time.


  1990 6,000 votes as an "Amplifier of the year" by "What Hi Fi" magazine's readers

    When MA-200, 100w per channel, power amplifier was announced. This power amplifier boom grips audio listeners for 3 years continuously.


1998 Become partner with Richard N. Marsh
    Pongtorn Malakul, Richard N. Marsh, well-known audio guru in USA, who invented and owned a lot of patents on electronics parts and circuit.and Vern Smith soon become partner in new joint venture company, Marsh Sound Design LLC., in USA and worldwide.

  1998 Products marketed in Europe are CE certified
    Magnet MA300F power amplifier and PR-9R preamplifier were sent to test in Europe to obtained CE marking and we are the first thai audio company that was passed the test.

  1999 Magnet amplifier was reviewed by Germany magazine.
    Magnet MA 300F power amplifier and PR-9R preamplifier were sent to test by "Image hifi" No.27, a magazine in Germany.

  1999 OEM/ODM to US  
    Magnet started OEM/ODM business with US customers to export to USA and worldwide. So, new facilities in 2 Rai area were built to accommodate expanded sales.  

  2000 Magnet amplifier scored a big hit.

Magnet MA300F power amplifier and PV-02A vacuum tube line amplifier were voted by readers in a local audio magazine "GM2000" as "Amplifier of the year".

  2000 Increasing in capital  
    Magnet increased in capital to 8 million Baht.  

  2002 Golden Ear Award of Marsh power amplifier


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